West Northumberland
Children’s Centres

West Northumberland
Children's Centres

Meet the Team

Early Help Locality Manager

Jess Barclay-Lambert

West Locality

Responsible for leading the overall development and delivery of integrated Early Help services, including Family Support Work and Sure Start Children’s Centres across the West Locality of Northumberland.

Integrated Centre Co-ordinators

Sue Hodgkinson

Hexham Children's Centre

Gemma Briggs

Prudhoe Children's Centre

Ros Bagnall

Western Tynedale Children's Centre

Responsible for the operational day to day management, delivery and development of the Children's Centre. Working closely with parents to look at how the services are running and consider what parents in the community identify as a need. Supporting staff and ensuring that our practitioners deliver fun, high quality activities.

Finance and Support Services Manager

Karen Fleck

West Locality

Assist the Early Help Locality Manager in the budget, finance, information and data systems arrangements.

Finance Manager

Caroline Hopkins

North Tynies Children's Centre

To ensure the financial management of North Tynies is ran effectively.

Admin Assistant

Polly Huddleston

West Locality

Provide administrative support to the West Locality Sure Start Children’s Centres and to provide clerical assistance to the Early Help Locality Manager.

Early Help Senior Practitioner

Lesley Lovell

Responsible for the coordination and support of the Early Help Family Worker team in the West Locality; offers advice and guidance on the Early Help process and acts as a first point of contact for enquiries.

Early Help Family Workers

Allison Fieldhouse

Angela Miller

Jessica Sherriff

Sarah Baron

Prudhoe Children's Centre

Steph Bennion

Vicki Collins

Paula Craigs

Judith Doyle

Joanne Lintin

Katy Carr

The Early Help Family Workers work with families where there is a 0-19 year old. They can help families with a wide range of issues including practical & emotional support, financial, employment, education & training, parenting & health. If there’s a 0 - 19 year old in the family and you think you or another family member would like some help, why not speak to one of the team?


Melissa Grant

North Tynies

Carol Hall

Prudhoe Children's Centre

Jeannette Hepburn

Hexham Children's Centre

Responsible for the day-to-day running of the centre, room bookings, database, finance and providing information advice and guidance to parents/carers and service users

Early Years Practitioners

Sophie Dowell

Prudhoe Children's Centre

Danielle Guyatt

Western Tynedale Children's Centre

Gemma Ridley

Hexham Children's Centre

Bridie Heppell

Western Tynedale Children's Centre

Alex Grainger

Hexham Children's Centre

Sarah Baron

Prudhoe Children's Centre

An Early Years Practitioner's role is to provide a high quality learning environment and individual support for your child when it is required. An Early Year Practitioner can:

  • Provide exciting play sessions for example. 'Let's Move' 'Learning together through play' 'Sing and Sign' 'messy play'
  • Offer guidance around your child's speech and language development, additional needs, safety advice, eating and sensory development.
  • Offer guidance on transitions into school and being 'school ready'
  • Help families to access the centre. This maybe simply providing quieter times to visit and get to know the staff and centre first.