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Incredible Years

We run a parenting programme called ‘The Incredible Years’. Researchers of this course have gathered evidence that shows it works. Here’s what Incredible Years say:-

“The Incredible Years® evidence-based programmes for parents, teachers, and children reduce challenging behaviours in children and increase their social emotional learning and self-control skills.

The programmes have been found to be effective in strengthening teacher and parent management skills, improving children’s social emotional competence, emotion regulation, and school readiness, and reducing behaviour problems.

Evidence shows the programs have improved behaviours of up to 80 percent of the children of participating parents and teachers. If left unchecked these behaviours would mean those children are at greater risk in adulthood of unemployment, mental health problems, substance abuse, early pregnancy/early fatherhood, criminal offending, multiple arrests and imprisonment, higher rates of domestic violence and shortened life expectancy.”

Here’s what some local parents/carers have said:-

‘The pyramid reflected a lot of my own skills, I just needed them refreshed. I have used so many of these skills that I have learnt and can say I have honestly gained so many strategies’

‘I have learnt new strategies and gained information to deal with my child’s behaviour’

‘I have enjoyed the sessions, gaining new information while having fun in a group’

To find out more about the programme, go to http://www.incredibleyears.com/

To find out when the next course is running in your area, contact childrescentres@northumberland.gov.uk or your Children’s Centre.